Services - Power Backup

Blackouts are hard...

Anyone who has experienced a power failure knows the chaos that they can cause in your family home. At Brad Morris Electrical, we can provide a method for an alternative stream of electricity, that allows you to say NO MORE to an array of inconveniences including cold nights in the dark, limited water, cold showers and freezer disasters.

For as little as $2,490.00 we can supply and fully install a 8kva Generator, to provide a back up supply of electricity during the most unreliable of weather. All you will have to do when your power supply fails, is flick the changeover switch from “mains” to “generator” and press the convenient electric starter button and instantly you will have your electricity back.

It is that easy...

Call us on 0418 968 783 and we will provide a solution that is right for you.

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